I have had a number of inquiries off line asking about my experience with this Internet provider. I have concluded one month of service and I have had to outages. Each outage required me to recycle power to the system and service immediately returned.

Download speed has been exceptional when compared to my previous basic DSL service. Very rough calculation down speeds are approximately 20 times DSL. (Very rough averages). With the exception of the two very short outages, which were easy to resolve, the service has been excellent. The two outages that I had were probably weather related and the FAQ indicates that the correct action to take is to simply re-cycle power to the unit.

It is not uncommon to be watching 1080 P Netflix, checking email or browsing while herself is using Facebook. All of this is accomplished without a slow down in throughput.

We have only had one snowstorm since I started the service so I have no long-term observation. During the snowstorm download speeds did reduce from 35 megs to 10 megs. 10 megs is quite adequate for our routine needs. The provider advertises download speeds up to 25 megs so they have been complying with their advertising.