Early this week Xplornet had a Maritime wide system issue which caused a slowdown in service. It was quickly resolved but my service did not come back to pre-issue performance. After waiting a reasonable time for service to come back I called Xplornet. Colin answered. A competent friendly guy who quickly confirmed I needed a service call. He completed the work order while we chatted and said I would hear from someone within two business days.

20 minutes later my phone rang and it was the service tech and he would be here at 830 AM. At 830 he was here. 20 minutes later he was done and my service was back to normal. 24 hours from my initial call to resolution. That is how support should work. Compliments to Xplornet and Central Satellite. Well done.

For those interested we had 104 km wind on my roof and it moved my antenna enough to degrade service.