The current mattress I sleep on was purchased 16 years ago by herself while I was away. We both agree that one should not go cheap with mattresses but as she purchased this while I was away and refused to tell me how much it cost I had no expectation as to what a new mattress would cost. The current mattress has reached the end of its lifecycle and will be replaced.

I am now better informed and aghast at the retail list price of quality mattresses. I am inclined to go with a name brand mattress and one that has orthopaedic benefit.

Having wandered around the inter-web we finally landed at a local well-known mattress store. We found a mattress that met our requirement but, within hearing of the salesman, I expressed concern about the cost. He immediately advised that he would give us a smoking good sale that morning. He went away and did his ciphering and returned with a price 50% of the listed retail and included a mattress cover with a retail price of $109. The deal was finalized and the mattress is being delivered today.

What I don’t understand is the marketing approach. Why price a product at twice what you are willing to sell it for and then discount without much pressure. I suspect that many will see the price and just walk out of the store. What am I missing?