I have spoken here about how pleased I am with Xplornet. As well, I have mentioned how satisfied I am when I needed service. As luck would have it the same issue reoccurred and I had to call for service again. Once again the support technician I spoke to was excellent and after doing a few remote diagnostics confirmed that I would need a site visit . A work order was prepared and I was advised that I would receive a call to arrange the necessary visit. Within one hour I received a call confirming that a visit would be carried out and the technician would call me to arrange a time.

The technician called and confirmed he would visit between 9 o’clock and 930. Note I did not to have to hang around the house all day as I would have had I been with Bell. When the technician arrived at 9:05 he confirmed he wasn’t going to try to sort out what was wrong with my equipment and simply installed all new. All has been well since.

Once again this is the way service should be.