I don’t watch a lot of TV but most evenings I use TV to unwind before bed. That is until I was forced horizontal after having a knee replaced. While recovering I have watched a lot of TV and confess to being embarrassed at the many sources I use.

We have Shaw Satellite. Works well. Expensive but Herself will not permit disconnecting. I would discontinue if allowed.

As we have an Amazon Prime account we get access to Amazon Prime Video. Works perfectly. Reasonable selection and just works.

Netflix. Yup, have that too. Works perfectly. Overwhelming selection. Reasonable price. Netflix self adjusts resolution so if you have slow PEI rural DSL it still works just fine.

Stremio. Well, it works sometimes. I find it frustrating so seldom use it.

Kodi streaming box. It took a while but I now have it working perfectly. What can I say. If you are familiar with Kodi you know what it is capable of. Good hardware and adequate connection to the internet required. I have invested in a MyGica 495 Pro HD box and now have an adequate service provider. Of course I only watch public domain broadcasts. If you wish you can ‘pirate’ all you want.