If you are like most of us who live in this digital age you have a number of digital photographs that can be improved by editing. The choices of digital tools is somewhat overwhelming and I confess that the various tools included within each product confuse me. The various overlays, filters etc always leave me unsatisfied with the outcome.

I am trying a demo of this. Early use suggests that their advertising as being magic is accurate. The outcome of the first three images I have processed has been remarkable. The process is simply drag the original image onto the program and sit back and wait for magic to happen. The narrative on their site indicates the process of using artificial intelligence to enhance the photographs and I have no idea how the magic is performed but the outcome is quite remarkable. On my iMac it takes a few minutes for the software to analyze and render the enhanced picture so it is not a fast process.

There is a free to try version and I Will continue to use the free version until I am satisfied. If it is as good as it appears to be it is one of the few software products I have seen that I am prepared to buy.