Herself spent her entire 35 year career caring for companion animals. She toiled at various clinics, the University of Miami Medical School and for many years at the Atlantic Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She has pretty much seen it all.

It has been fun watching her prepare for the arrival of puppies in our pack. No one is more caring, prepared and thoughtful through the entire process. For her it is a calling and for her it is fun. She is happiest when she is caring for her canine family. When I offer assistance it is always politely declined with the comment,” I enjoy this”.

Last night she moved to the kennel and slept on an air mattress to be ready to assist Hallie if assistance is required. Her time is close and I just hope all goes well. We know she is carrying 2 pups. One will go to a friend and one will stay with us. 3 of our 4 dogs are elderly and will not be with us much longer and if all goes well it will be fun to have puppies making us laugh.

Both Hallie and the male are grand champion dogs and subject to the vagrancies of genetics the pups should be exceptional dogs.