I have been puttering about technology since 1967 when I started learning on an IBM system that literally filled a large room. I have been intrigued since then and have been a hobbiest since. As a result, I have been a keen observer of changes that at times can be overwhelming. I first became aware of Linux when I was a customer of a wonderful little company called Island Services Network. (ISN). ISN ran their ISP on Linux and their technology guru, Charles Tassel could do astonishing things with this operating system. 

Linux is to those of us who just dabble, complicated. Much of the programming is done at the command line and there is a steep learning curve. A few companies built a point, click and grunt front end but for me, it was still too complicated. Windows 95 brought the point and click approach to the masses and I gave up on Linux.
In my ignorance I relegated Linux to the geeks world and did not take it seriously. Today I read that IBM has purchased Red Hat Linux for $34,000,000,000. Wow. I sure was wrong.
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