Having spent most of my working career in some sort of customer service role I have fairly high expectations when I am the customer. 42 years working with 3 generations of the Hyndman family infused in my work ethic that the customer is king (or queen).

When I receive bad service I seldom make the effort to try and get it corrected, mostly because it is a large company where no one cares. (Bell as an example).

When I receive good service I have started contacting the provider, thanking them or pointing out an individual who has provided me with exceptional service. Without exception this has been met with surprise and appreciation and all have been grateful for my contact.

Years ago I received appalling service from a (then) Irving owned company. I wrote to Arthur Irving. I received a letter from Mr. Irving, an personal apology and a visit from the company to correct the shoddy work. It is the only time a big company has responded to my complaint and corrected a problem. My limited experience with Irving companies has been excellent.