The cloud this, the cloud that. …if you are even remotely aware of things technical you have heard of the cloud and you may be using the cloud now. If you have a computer you store stuff on it. Pictures, music, programs etc.  You probably have a hard drive of some sort that is used for storage and hard drives get full. If you have a Windows system your first hard drive is called drive C. If you use a Mac or Android system the directory structure is more confusing but the concept is similar. 
As I treated myself to a Nvidia Shield Pro home server (highly recommenced) I started thinking about cloud data storage. There are many options; Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft, google drive etc. As an amazon prime customer I have access to Amazon Prime Photos and I have a google drive.
The Shield runs on the Android TV operating system and needs an app to manage files. (Much like Windows Explorer). Thus, after trying many i settled on Total File Commander. Using TFK I mapped the two cloud services I use as additional storage and they appear as simple directories on my system. Windows would label these drives with an alpha designation whereas Android has a friendly naming convention.
My system now shows:
Internal storage (the 500 g hard drive installed in the Shield)
USB storage (the 1 T Seagate USB hard drive plugged in the Shield)
Google drive
Amazon Photos
I now have access to far more storage than I am ever likely to need but more is better, right?