When you live in a haunted home you tend to keep silent about the haunting as people think yer a bit ‘ tetched in the head’. Well, my family owned a haunted house. It was many years ago. 

In 1976 we purchased our dream house. 6 bedroom century farm house with ocean view from every room. It needed a lot of love. We were young and strong and set out on our dream of being organic hobby farmers. Not long after we moved in, a coworker asked me if we had seen the ghost yet. Huh?  Apparently he knew, through friends of friends that our home was haunted. Of course we snorted in disbelief and went on with our lives. …and yet…
There was an unsettled aura (I can’t think of a better way to describe) about the house. It was common to hear thumps, snaps, cracks over the kitchen and at the back stairs but we just told ourself it was the sounds of a very old house. There was a sense to look over your shoulder and of course no one was there. Still, there was this feeling.
As we began to understand that maybe there was something to the reputation we started doing research and this story in The Buzz is mostly correct. The author is my sister in law.
The chronology is a little off but not by much. We sought out a self described white witch who was reported to lived in our home. Through friends of friends we located her and she agreed to visit and tell us what she knew. I wish I could recall her name.
Before the lady visited an incident occurred which gave pause. My daughter came running up stairs shouting ,”see the man, see the man”.  She was frightened. We dashed downstairs and no one was there. I asked my daughter what she had been doing and she said she was playing with scissors. Could it be a benevolent spirt did not want her to hurt herself?  Around this time doors started slamming with a crack that could wake the devil. It was getting very odd.
When the witch arrived she told us the bedroom over the kitchen had been boarded closed both at the main door and at the back stairs. She removed the barriers and said she immediately felt a spirit in the room. I don’t recall if it was a bad spirit. We decided we would use the ouija board. The indicator flew all over the board but made no sense. When asked for a name, the board spelled out Eugene. I simply don’t recall if we came to any conclusion but that evening the witch thought it was a dark spirit.
We went on with our lives. My sister in law, who is quoted in The Buzz article also told me she had seen glowing orbs in that room.
The oddness continued. Our Corgi dogs would snarl, chase and snap at things only they could see. I once took a picture of the front of the house when no one was home. When the film was developed there was a clear image of a male looking out the bedroom window. Subsequent occupants have been reported as saying their piano would play in the middle of the night – by itself.
Doors continued to slam, odd noises continued. We grew accustomed to the oddness. It was an uncomfortable house to be alone in, but I think that might have been, well, being afraid of a ghost.
At night it was the darkest place I can recall both inside and out. It is hard to explain but it was like something was sucking the light away.
I learned yesterday the house is for sale. It is reported a family bought the house and were excited to move in. A month later they moved out and it is for sale.
Despite all of this it was probably the happiest time in my life. Anything was possible and we had a lifetime ahead of us. It is a beautiful house and was our home for close to 15 years.