Apple has discontinued production of the Airport router and while I have been satisfied with mine it is getting old and it is probably prudent to start the process of looking for a replacement. If anyone here is technically inclined I welcome any suggestions. 

My networks looks like this:

The AirPort Extreme is situated at one end of our house and is the gateway to the Xplornet modem. I have Airport Express extenders in the detached garage and opposite end of house. The garage is not critical. 

To my surprise my WiFi serves 11 devices. Most are low data requirements but a couple of items are data intensive. I use approximately 300 gigs of data each month. 

I would like the ability to manage priority. For instance if streaming TV I would prefer giving priority to that device / protocol over other activities that may use the network. While not critical it would be convenient to be able to run a VPN at the router level as compared to each device. 
The choices available seem overwhelming but at this point Google WiFi Mesh looks good (but expensive). Recommendations are welcome.