I was asked again how to obtain ‘almost free’ TV and to keep it simple I will outline what I think is necessary. 

An internet connection with download speed of at least 10 Mbps. Check your speed at fast.com. 
An Android TV box. I recommend the best. Nvidia Shield. (Approx $200 on sale.)
A software package from one of the many providers. Currently TVZion is the best. These packages are free. In addition Cyberflix and Cinema work well. 
A real-debrid account. 16€ for 6 months. 
Optional. If you use TVZion a club membership. $15 for one year. 
Optional. A VPN client. I prefer NORDVPN. $3 monthly. 
Not absolutely necessary but a quality router will make a difference. Typically the wifi router your ISP provides is crap. 
So, there is no free TV. However with the above you can have equivalent or better quality than Netflix. The key to the quality is a real-debrid account and adequate download speed.