I know only a geek will understand that I find it fun and challenging to set up a new router for my home network. My home network manages traffic from:

2 iPads

1 iPhone

1 android phone

2 TV

1 Nvidia Shield

1 Amazon Alexa

1 weather station monitoring display

Numerous Hue lights

1 USB 3 T network drive

I was replacing a decade old AirPort Extreme as Apple had discontinued support and I wanted more granular configurability. The replacing router arrived a day early and I spent the afternoon setting up to suit my needs.

Router configuration ( 10 years ago) was black magic, filled with frustrations and confusion. Not any more. ASUS has it dumbed down to a point if you can read and click, the basic configuration and connectivity is a 10 (or less) minute process. Once that is completed the fine tuning is next. I enabled the firewall and malware detection first. Malware protection is a huge plus and eliminates the need to run on individual devices.

After that I set various priorities. I made streaming video priority over other functions. I then enabled traffic monitoring so I could understand how much data was being used, by whom, what application etc.

Wi-Fi is a beast. I have excellent coverage in every room with signal strength of -38 dBm and 340 Mbs at most distant point.

Download speeds are consistently faster but that is subjective as my ISP may be having good days. I am paying for 25 Mbs download speeds and Analoti indicates I am getting between 20 and 50 most days.

Wi-Fi networks of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are separate networks. 5 is faster but is an ‘in room’ network as 5 is always a weaker signal. It is nice to have the choice.

I had intended to run the WRT-Merlin firmware but the OEM is so good I see no reason to change.

I can recommend this router to anyone looking for a good sold performing device. ASUS RT-AC68U