First I will be clear. I am doubtful the recent announcement of high speed internet access for rural PEI will live up to the grandiose announcement of our Liberal overlords. However I am convinced we will see an improvement which will be the least the telcoheads can get away with and still be granted access to OUR tax dollars. Do remember, we the sheeple are paying for this. 

This morning I have read and heard the objections of the small ISPs and opposing political parties that this funding is unfair competition. Yes it is and it will always be thus. The big and powerful will always eat the small and weak. 
I hope some of my friends are sitting down when I say if there is any chance for this to work our Liberal overlords made the correct decision in selecting the two big telcoheads. 
The build is just the beginning. Maintaining and managing a complex hybrid network is a monumental task which requires deep financial pockets and sophisticated technical skills. I don’t think our small ISPs have the necessary financial depth nor technical background to make this happen. 
There is a wonderful opportunity to bring the smaller firms into a support role. Xplornet now has a CANADIAN based support team who speak both official languages. I have accessed numerous times to my satisfaction. Think how wonderful it might be to call support and be speaking to an Island based centre instead of the current Bell support in Mumbai where I am greeted with “veddy veddy gud, meester Bub”. We could make this happen!