My dog won points. So what does that mean?  In the dog show circles the goal is to be awarded points for specific placing in competition against other dogs. After a certain amount of points the dog receives the right to a title. Champion, Grand Champion etc. With the exception of puppy Ziva all of our dogs are Grand Champion. 

Dogs compete against their own breed. In our case German Shepherds. There are sub categories, I.E. junior puppy, puppy, etc. If they win their breed they get points. The winner of breed moves on to compete in group. In our case that is the working class group. If they win they get more points. The winner of each group moves on to compete against the winners of other groups for Best In Show. BIS awards more points. 

Judging is done by qualified judges who have been through an extensive training process. The judge compares each dog to the ideal breed standard and awards winning based on his or her opinion of which dog comes closest to breed standard. It is possible to win a total of 5 points in one weekend, but highly unlikely. In 30 years of showing only Halle won 5 points at one show. She is an exceptional dog and mom to our Ziva. 

So on a given day at a given time a particular dog is closer to breed standard that other dogs in the competition. All of this is on a particular judge’s OPINION. 
It is very subjective. For example Ziva was in her first competition last week. In the first three competitions she did not place. In the last competition she placed first over the same 6 dogs. Each competition had a different judge. Judges have preferences – some prefer the very German lines which are more rugged, coarse coated, working lines and low in the hocks. Others prefer the more refined ‘americanized’ lines which our dogs are. 
So when you are considering a dog, parental titles do not mean everything. They are important but great dogs come from kennels that do not bother to show.