I have been asked if the eye surgery I had (interocular lens implant) is a viable approach to eliminating the need for glasses for otherwise healthy eyes. Having now approximately two months since surgery my opinion, and just my opinion, is no. If you have cataracts then sure, get the lens implants. But if not, and your goal is simply vision improvement you may be disappointed. 

Following surgery your distant vision is usually excellent. Your close vision still requires readers. I find it inconvenient to constantly reach for readers. Then there is intermediate distance vision. – think your car speedometer. Readers are no help for intermediate distance and is still to close for distant vision. You can see intermediate but it is a struggle. There is the other factor that your eyes before and post surgery are probably not identical. Thus the off the shelf readers will not be the same for each eye, leading to eye strain. 

The answer is continue with progressive lens where the distant portion has little or no prescription and close and intermediate vision is handled via the progressive portion and is prescribed correctly for each eye. I am told by my optician that this is what most people do. 

I am told there is an implant that permits both up close and distant vision but it takes your brain a while to adjust – sometimes up to 6 months. That is not for me.  

Thus, your reliance on glasses is reduced and you won’t require often. However if you are doing an activity that requires frequent up close, intermediate and distance it is less of a bother to just wear glasses.