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How much data — November 22, 2017

How much data

Ever wonder how much data you send and receive over the Internet? Yesterday I had installation of LTE wireless access. In a 12 hour period I used 7 gigs of data. That included 3 hours of streaming TV. One hour was at very high definition and two hours of medium definition. I also did numerous app updates plus two people doing the usual internet activity. Numerous speed tests were performed. At one time in past I ran a data logger which indicated 6 gigs average per day so I guess I am not surprised.

No shame — November 20, 2017
Why — November 19, 2017
A thunderous pucker — November 18, 2017

A thunderous pucker

PayPal has been directed to hand over information regarding its Canadian business holders to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). The digital payments giant announced that it has been served with a federal court order to disclose relevant information within 45 days to the CRA, information that identifies account holders and describes the total amount and number of payments sent or received between January 1, 2014 and the end of last week. The reasoning behind the court order is for the Canadian government to ensure that the individuals and corporations using PayPal are complying with their tax obligations.

Slight of hand — November 17, 2017

Slight of hand

I was speaking to an aged, wise and much loved physician regarding the dismal condition of access to family physicians. I expressed my confusion over the trumpet tooting blarney coming from our current liberal overlords. We keep hearing about new family physicians being hired and yet we have a list of poor souls who do not have a family doctor and in many cases desperately need one. The last number I heard was 1400. They are thrown into the delivery system provided by walk in clinics where the goal is to put as many people through the clinic as possible, earning the willing physician significant sums of money. People with serious and life-threatening health conditions are not receiving the type of follow up that one has a right to expect in this wonderful country.

The physician went on to explain that often retiring doctors are replaced by two doctors. Thus, while there is an additional Dr. count there are no new doctors picking up the poor souls sitting in the overcrowded walk-in clinics. When a (male) dr. points out that it can hardly be expected for a female Doctor Who is juggling a life and family with her practice to carry the same load as a retiring doctor he is accused of being a misogynist and told to shut up.

I have an incredible respect for doctors and nurses and I am appreciative of the wonderful service that I received from the medical system in Canada. I also understand the times have changed and that our expectation of the level of service that our family doctor will provide must change too. My recently retired family doctor started his day at the hospital at 6 AM and was seldom home before 8 PM. At age 52 he had had enough and permanently closed his practice. No one can blame him for wanting his life back. He was and is a good and decent human being and his patients were better off for having had his service.

He was replaced by two doctors.

We are long past the time for more committees or more studies. Even the most stunned of us realize that we need more family doctors and that those doctors do not belong to us-they deserve a life outside of work. We are beyond the crisis point and it is time for whatever government happens To be in power to recognize where limited dollars must be allocated. The answer to that is not to allocate more money to political cronies and vested interest. Start taking care of the people who need care.

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How long will it take — November 15, 2017

How long will it take

..and who will build it.

The speech, which provides a broad outline of the government’s intentions over the next year, also promises a new high-speed fibre internet network from one end of the province to the other.

Service providers will be able to connect to the network, making it easier for them to deliver high-speed internet throughout the province, it said.

Gender? — November 5, 2017


As I approach the end of a long and satisfactory career I have been thinking often about gender equality in the workplace. When I entered the workplace in June 1970 I was paid $5200 a year. I sat behind a lady who is doing the same work I was doing. She had been employed with the same employer for over 20 years, was doing the same job I was doing except she had years of experience and she was making $4700 a year.

Money and know the system — November 2, 2017

Money and know the system

An acquaintance, a five year survivor of four types of cancer has received superb service from the oncology treatment centre in our tiny land. However, this person was a little concerned about falling between the cracks and asked family doctor for a referral to the Princess Margaret cancer centre for a second opinion. My acquaintance merely wanted a second opinion and was not seeking any out of province treatment. The provincial health board, apparently the overlords of such matters, declined approving the referral. Apparently, individuals are not permitted to self refer and thus there was no way accomplish.

My acquaintance is a very determined individual and understands the necessity to take control of your own health care. As is often the case my acquaintance knew somebody who knew somebody and was referred to Medcan. My acquaintance’s friend made a call and on the same day Medcan called my acquaintance.

The following day a video conference was carried out between my acquaintance and an oncologist at the Princess Margaret cancer center. A couple of days later my acquaintance flew to Toronto and met with three oncologist for a consult. My acquaintance asked the oncologist to prepare a report which would be based on how they would treat my acquaintance if their patient. They did so and sent their report to the local family doctor and oncologist.

I do not know the cost incurred but I believe it was $875 to join Medcan and $250 for the consult and preparation of the report.

If I am reading this correctly, non-members can avail themselves of certain services for a cost.

Toronto Life describes Medcan as:

SPECIALTY: Medcan is the behemoth of private clinics, with 60 doctors and specialists on staff who conduct five-hour-long assessments designed to catch lurking illnesses. This is health care for Type-As who expect same-day and Saturday appointments, and 24/7 phone care with Medcan nurses. Members receive discounts on fitness training, cosmetic dermatology and weight management.

COST: From $2,595 for a health assessment.