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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

I like Chinese too — April 23, 2018
Another wise man said — April 22, 2018

Another wise man said

I made the deadline, but in all honesty, for much of that build, the work was not very joyful. Many times that year, I had an old, uncomfortable feeling I couldn’t put my finger on. Then it dawned on me. I inadvertently invited the misery of time to come join me in the shop as soon as I set the deadline.

This is a good reminder to me to let the work proceed at it’s own pace and not worry about hitting a deadline. This is how you train time to become a joyful luxury instead of a misery.

Pass the munchies —
I enjoyed this article / opinion — April 21, 2018
An odd flashback —

An odd flashback

My maternal grandparents were hard rock New England farmers. My conscious exposure to them was probably the early 50s to mid 60s. They were devout christians who believed in hard work and little else.

I remember when my grandfather brought a TV to the farm house. My grandmother mandated it would only be allowed in the parlour. There was the parlour, dining room, kitchen and a little room off the kitchen. Only the kitchen was heated.

There was little time for such frivolity but I remember my grandfather tuning in the rabbit ears antenna on Sunday afternoon to watch a station from Plattsburgh, NY. What I can’t remember is how he powered it as there was only an overhead light in that room. No plugs.

Is this news? —

Is this news?

Researchers at Washington State University report on 500 cannabis consumers, “On average, they found, people’s ratings (on a one to 10 scale) of their depression, anxiety, and stress dropped by at least 50 percent within four hours of inhaling cannabis.”

Full study

Bell Mumbai — April 20, 2018

Bell Mumbai

Does anyone know a LOCAL service number to call? My service is dead and my experience with their toll free number has been unsatisfactory. I seem to have interrupted lunch time or something in India. It is hard to feel confident when the phone is answered with an abrupt HELLO and clearly a mouth full of food.

Why do I have to press one to speak English and still be unable to understand what I am hearing?

Mechano for mayor — April 18, 2018
How much bandwidth —

How much bandwidth

Over the years that I have had the DSLas my high-speed Internet I have tracked my monthly bandwidth usage-simply as a matter of curiosity. Over the years our little household has averaged around 7 gigs a month.

Since changing service providers to Xplornet our monthly average over three months has been around 200 gigs.

Getting wiser —

Getting wiser

What if you could instantly search over 100,000 books (and growing) as a reference tool? Now you can. Try it. This morning I was looking for the source of a phrase I heard and within a heartbeat I had the answer. This has the potential of being a valuable resource.