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Another opinion — June 13, 2018
Supply management —

Supply management

With the vitriolic comments spewing forth from DJT and some of his cronies I am doing my best to learn more about supply management and our Canadian dairy industry. As I understand it a marketing board controls the amount of milk produced, sets a price to the dairy farmer, places a high tariff of imported milk to prevent dumping of over produced milk from other countries and imposes penalties on our dairy farmers if they overproduce. The result of this is our dairy farmers receive a reasonable return for their labour and maintain a reasonable standard of living.

DJT objects to this as it is protectionism and imposes a tariff on milk produced by US dairy farmers and which is exported to Canada. DJT is correct.

I am no fan of Justin Trudeau. Far from it. However his balanced response to DJT and his failure to try to justify Canadian policy is, in my opinion, the correct approach. It is the Canadian way of managing the production of a commodity and attempting to stabilize the income of an often marginalized industry. I hope he continues this approach.

I know I am over simplifying this complicated issue but perhaps the US ag industry could learn from a disciplined Canadian approach.

So there — June 12, 2018
Xplornet —


I have expressed my satisfaction with Xplornet high speed internet service on numerous occasions and after 6 months I continue to be delighted with the service. I am paying for 25 meg download speeds and I typically have between 25 and 35.

Last Friday I lost service. It went from working perfectly to no access. A call to Xplornet involved close to an hour with a pleasant and competent tech. After tying numerous ‘fixes’ it was determined I need a service call. Strangely, by Saturday morning service was back.

0800 Monday the service guy was on my roof replacing what he described as a defective radio. Now the interesting part to me… why did the radio fail.

My radio is pointed West and in that direction is a large red maple tree. 6 months ago there were no leaves. As the tree leafed out the radio had to work harder to receive the signal. Friday it was raining and leaves were wet causing further strain. As the leaves dried overnight the signal came back, but as the radio was ‘overworked’ it was not performing as it should. Solution was relocate the radio by about 2 meters and install a new radio. All done under warranty.

From my earlier experience with Wireless Island I should have known this but I completely missed it. Once again this service provider lived up to my expectation.

Trump’d — June 10, 2018
Love this pic — June 9, 2018
Pissing off donald —
NY type A —

NY type A

Over the years I have been exposed to NY type A personalities. Generally loud, pushy, boorish, aggressive and confident. Without exception they have been very smart and effective. They are also successful.

When Donald Trump was elected President, I was prepared to give him the benefit of doubt as I considered he was probably a NY bully who would reveal himself to be an effective president. A typical type A personality I thought.

I have watched and listened and now I think there is something not quite right with this man. I can’t figure it out but something is off. It worries me.

Coyotes — June 8, 2018
I keep learning —

I keep learning

When I visited the Buddhist monastery I learned of their traditional greeting. Hands together, fingers pointing up, lean slightly forward and incline head forward.

Yesterday I met three monks who were looking at used cars. I acknowledged them with the greeting I had learned. The greeting was returned with beaming smiles. Made my day.