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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Already I want  — May 26, 2017
Brain debris —

Brain debris

Well, well. Who knew:

Researchers found that portions of the synapses were literally eaten up by astrocytes because of sleep loss. They were not able to find out the effects of this but they believe that it may not be a bad thing as it could just be a way of cleaning up old brain debris 

If the Internet existed.. — May 20, 2017
Pondering —


A very good friend who enjoys making provocative statements and who is very good at thinking Beyond conventional thinking has posed the question, “what would happen if all recreational drugs were legalized?”.

Think about it.

Can’t stop laughing.  —
Yankee trader — May 19, 2017

Yankee trader

In The North Country where I grew up there are many Yankee traders. Most are skilled craftsmen who make wonderful furniture but take no pleasure in selling new work. They tend to be sly old rascals who take new work and turn it into antiques. It is more fun to skin a tourist than to sell something new. 

They have many ways to ‘antique’ a piece. One of my favourites is to bury it in a manure pile for a year. Everyone has their method. I tried one that I recall being told of – and which has been repeated on the Internet. I started with SPF boards purchased at Home Depot. It started like this:

I then applied the secret fluid and before my eyes it turned to:

There is no stain applied and the only pigment added was paint for the stripes. The antiquing process is truly instant. Sly old rascals they are. 

Brain worm —
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