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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

The last one — July 23, 2017

The last one

One of my friends who lives in the far west is known to make the comment that the best number of motorcycles is the next one. In an earlier post I mentioned my first two wheel vehicle. At a maximum speed of 74 km/h and 9 hp it is far removed from what is probably my last motorcycle. The last one, pictured below, is 120 hp and has a maximum speed of over 200 km/h. Progress is a good thing :-).

Gulp —


I am all for improved Internet access for remote areas and even initial access for those that do not have access at all. Simple math suggests that from the following article the cost will be approximately $5700 per household. I remember when the BRAND Program was rolling out in Canada. At that time we met with the then Minister Brian Tobin. Our little company was proposing to assist the buildout of a new rule wireless network on PEI and at that time (1999-2000) the cost per household was $1500.

Of course our little jurisdiction probably does not have the same challenges as northern quebec regions.

100 words or less — July 22, 2017
Me and motorbikes —

Me and motorbikes

This was my first "real" motorbike. The actual first two wheeler was a department store scooter, but I count this one as the first legitimate motorized two wheel vehicle. I seem to recall this was 1962. Top speed was around 80 kph and it was started with a recoil rope.

Spicy I am — July 19, 2017

Spicy I am

As some know, I suffer from injury induced arthritis.  (Definitely NOT age related.)  On the recommendation of my medical consultant I started consuming Tumeric.  The improvement is noticeable.  I also passed along the recommendation to a coworker who uses a cane due to arthritis in knee.  After a week she no longer uses cane.  Pain is not eliminated but it takes the edge off.

Apparently this is a well known treatment in some Asian cultures.  Try it!  Bub recommended.

Medicine and me — July 12, 2017

Medicine and me

Yesterday we had a doc appointment. The appointment was at 3 PM. We were ushered into the inner room where we met with the first of three docs. All were familiar with our case file. A further diagnostic was needed which was done immediately. Finally we saw the specialist who was here from Alberta. Medicine was prescribed and then dispensed from the on premise pharmacy. 

We paid a fee of $250 for this service which included the expensive medicine. We left knowing we were in good hands, are not seriously ill and had seen one of the top specialists in Canada. 

Oh…. we were at the Atlantic Veterinary College. 

Argh!  Annoying — July 6, 2017
Well done  —

Well done 

As a consumer of products / services I have a few simple requirements. I expect to be treated politely, I expect to receive value for my money and if the vendor makes a commitment that is related to time I expect that commitment to be kept. I don’t think I am unreasonable but it seems that my expectations are met infrequently. 

On two occasions I have purchased product and delivery from CRM Ready-Mix. On both occasions the helpful and happy lady at the front desk provided advice on product and suggested money saving ideas. When I placed the order I was thanked for my business. Delivery was on time (to the minute) and the delivery guy was helpful and cheerful. I received exactly what I ordered and felt good about the transaction. 

Well done. 

Legislation with no ‘teeth’ — June 28, 2017
From 1875 —

From 1875

Make your own share in conversation as modest and brief as is consistent with the subject under consideration, and avoid long speeches and tedious stories. If, however, another, particularly an old man, tells a long story, or one that is not new to you, listen respectfully until he has finished, before you speak again.