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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Don’t blame me — January 27, 2019

Don’t blame me

…but I can’t cook. I am of a generation that men did not learn to cook. I grew up in a home where my Mom did the cooking and to my regret, I was not taught this critical skill.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Herself has been unable to prepare meals for a while and while we muddled through, it emphasized a deficient in my life skills.

Thus, despite an instinct to avoid following the latest trends, we invested $99 in an Instant Pot. I can read instructions and I can push buttons. Magic!


I am not judging — January 25, 2019

I am not judging

CNN just reported that the majority of US Government employees do not have sufficient savings to manage missing one pay cheque.

The Huffington Post reports, “In 2014, the average federal employee salary was $84,153, approximately 50% more than the average private sector worker earned. This discrepancy increases to 78% when benefits are included. The average federal worker costs the government (aka taxpayers) $119,934.Dec 21, 2015“.

For perspective various organizations report 3 1/4 million people in Canada live in poverty.

Neuvoo reports, “The average Government salary in Canada is $47,150 per year or $24.18 per hour. Entry level positions start at $23,400 per year while most experienced workers make up to $80,155 per year”.

Just another comparison stat, Neuvoo also reports, “The average Family Physician salary in Canada is $195,000 per year or $100 per hour. Entry level positions start at $20,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $331,500per year.”

Again — January 20, 2019
Router — December 30, 2018


Apple has discontinued production of the Airport router and while I have been satisfied with mine it is getting old and it is probably prudent to start the process of looking for a replacement. If anyone here is technically inclined I welcome any suggestions. 

My networks looks like this:

The AirPort Extreme is situated at one end of our house and is the gateway to the Xplornet modem. I have Airport Express extenders in the detached garage and opposite end of house. The garage is not critical. 

To my surprise my WiFi serves 11 devices. Most are low data requirements but a couple of items are data intensive. I use approximately 300 gigs of data each month. 

I would like the ability to manage priority. For instance if streaming TV I would prefer giving priority to that device / protocol over other activities that may use the network. While not critical it would be convenient to be able to run a VPN at the router level as compared to each device. 
The choices available seem overwhelming but at this point Google WiFi Mesh looks good (but expensive). Recommendations are welcome. 
1967 — December 29, 2018


…was a good year for me and Motorheads in general. Most American and foreign manufacturers had a performance offering and my choice was a 1967 Pontiac GTO. GM and Ford each had numerous ‘candy’ to temp the wallet of anyone interested in cars that performed. Ford and Chevrolet tempted us with the Mustang and Camaro, both of which were fun cars.

I don’t recall what made me choose the GTO over the Mustang but I did love that car and so wish I still had it.

A friend and fellow Motorhead sent me this link which reminded me what a great car the Ford Mustang was. If you have any interest in the vintage Mustang, you are welcome. :). Plan on an hour.

Who bought the CRTC? — December 27, 2018

Who bought the CRTC?

Industry-watchers have been anxiously awaiting the government’s next move on internet-as-a-basic-service since the CRTC made its ruling in December 2016. While there have been few major developments in the basic service saga, the CRTC used a September 2018 to slyly revise some of its speed requirements for the deployment of internet-as-a-basic-service. Whereas the Commission previously noted that Canadians should expect 50Mbps download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds, the CRTC’s September 27th, 2018 broadband fund application document revised those targets, stating that project proposals must meet a minimum download speed threshold of 25Mbps and a minimum upload speed requirement of 5Mbps.

Read more at Here are the top Canadian telecom stories of 2018

Deeds — December 25, 2018


A wise friend once said, “a good deed done without fanfare or knowledge of others is a more worthy good deed”.  With that in mind I have been thinking about a dear friend who, while visiting Africa, met a young mother raising 3 children in poverty. My friend and her husband were so touched by this young family they committed to the cost of food, medical treatment as needed and an education for the three children.  They kept that commitment. The three children grew to wonderful young adults, two obtained PHDs and the third is about to graduate from college. They have contributed to their culture and country and are employed in and contributing to the betterment of Africa. Each has traveled to Canada to spend time with their Canadian parents. 

My friends are not wealthy and the commitment they made probably meant that they did without many material things and stuff. 
It is a privilege to have these good souls as friends. 
I don’t think so — December 23, 2018

I don’t think so

A wise acquaintance frequently refers to the good old days when politicians ran for public office, not because they needed the job (the money) but rather ran because they felt they could govern in a way that was for the greater good of the people. I usually sputter at that point and remind him that he is talking about lawyers and other wealthy elite. When have lawyers and wealthy elite served any interest that was not their own or that of their cronies?

Home — December 17, 2018


A few friends in the US and a couple Canadian friends tease me about my love of this place I call home and I do understand that it can be illogical and sometimes viewed (seemingly) through rose coloured glasses.

The article linked below which refers to another place not that far away is a great example of love of place. PEI has changed in my 42 years here but there is still no place I would prefer.

Absolutely dead – not — December 16, 2018

Absolutely dead – not

Many years ago on a blog now gone I wrote much the same as outlined in this article.

I took it a bit further. I contend that when a new life begins it draws its energy from the finite pool of energy. Thus, once our energy is released by death it returns to the finite pool and gets distributed to new life as needed.

Not sure where Karma or reincarnation fits in here. I suspect the distribution is random and bits of my energy could easily end up in a worm as it could end up in a world champion motorcycle racer. Still, it is nice to think we might have some control.