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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Home — December 17, 2018


A few friends in the US and a couple Canadian friends tease me about my love of this place I call home and I do understand that it can be illogical and sometimes viewed (seemingly) through rose coloured glasses.

The article linked below which refers to another place not that far away is a great example of love of place. PEI has changed in my 42 years here but there is still no place I would prefer.

Absolutely dead – not — December 16, 2018

Absolutely dead – not

Many years ago on a blog now gone I wrote much the same as outlined in this article.

I took it a bit further. I contend that when a new life begins it draws its energy from the finite pool of energy. Thus, once our energy is released by death it returns to the finite pool and gets distributed to new life as needed.

Not sure where Karma or reincarnation fits in here. I suspect the distribution is random and bits of my energy could easily end up in a worm as it could end up in a world champion motorcycle racer. Still, it is nice to think we might have some control.

Why I love this place — December 8, 2018

Why I love this place

A friend sent me this link and it is a perfect example why I have (sometimes illogical and irrational) referred to our tiny place as paradise. The political implications referred to in the video as ‘the plan’ had significant implications to the culture of PEI. The development plan brought change to most parts of life in paradise and while progress is hard to impede I yearn for simpler time.

Dog people can be odd at times — December 7, 2018
A spark? — December 6, 2018

A spark?

From the CBC

It’s now a five-way race for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of P.E.I.

Kevin J. Arsenault kicked off his leadership bid Wednesday night.

I wonder if he can bring the needed spark that the Tories desperately need.

Jobs — December 5, 2018


My former employer had a job opening in Montague. This is an inside clerical position which pays an above average salary plus benefits and training is provided. They advertised the position in all the usual job banks plus newspaper and had two applications.

Five years ago we had a similar job opening in Charlottetown and had 150+ applications. Conclusion?

Streaming war — December 3, 2018

Streaming war

The CBC just broadcast a radio piece on the so called war between TV streaming services. They never mentioned the elephant in the room – the millions and millions of viewers who are watching what is often called pirate TV.

Watching any season or episode of almost any TV show ever produced and almost any movie ever produced when you want has proven to be appealing to many. As the tech has matured to a point of being much like watching Netflix it will become more appealing.

You can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle. Remember the change Napster brought to the music delivery model.

George H. W. —

George H. W.

I consider myself reasonable well informed of US politics. As I listen to comments from various politicians in the US as well as world leaders I realize I, like many, did not realize many of the accomplishments of #41.

Question — December 2, 2018
What to do — November 27, 2018

What to do

An old friend, who’s brother died of bowel cancer has been instructed to have a colonoscopy every 3 years. He has complied for the past decade. His recent routine diagnostic indicated blood and he must have another colonoscopy.

His doctor has retired and his name has been added to the list of those needing the procedure. This list is maintained by the province of NS and the province decides who get the diagnostic and when. He has been told there are 742 patients currently ahead of him and he should expect an 18 month wait.

He is currently arranging the procedure via a ‘for pay’ clinic in Montreal.

It seems to be getting more common to hear that those who can afford private clinics are taking advance of these facilities.